The Australian 4 Day Enduro Championships do not run without the help and support from an army of volunteers.

There are a number of volunteer roles required before, during and after the event that include sign on, marshalling, scoring, pack up and set up.

If you would like to be a volunteer, please complete the Volunteer Registration Form

All volunteers will receive an exclusive A4DE shirt and foods and drinks whilst they are volunteering.

We need volunteers in the following areas:

Sweep Riders:       

Those who would like to be involved in the A4DE but not compete and are competent, confident riders could join one of our crews to sweep ride for one day (or more) of the event.  They would be under the guidance of an experienced Sweep leader.  Note: riders need a road registered bike and have a license to ride a motorcycle on the road.  First Aid qualifications would be good but are not compulsory. They would also be encouraged to volunteer to be involved in the marking of the course which will be done in the weeks/weekends prior to the A4DE so they know where the course goes.

Time Check Officials:       

Manning of Time Checks.  Signing rider timecards. No experience necessary. Each person only has one job to concentrate on. They will work under the supervision of an experienced Team leader.

Special Test Marshals:

Maintenance and upkeep of Special Test course during the day.  They will get to see some of the best enduro riders in the world do their stuff while ensuring the Special Test courses are kept in good order.


Special Test Timekeepers:

Involves doing the manual back-up timing.  It’s an easy task. Each person only has one job to concentrate on. They will work under the supervision of an experienced Special Test leader.


Saturday 20th May Final Moto.  We will need flag marshals, helpers on the entry gate, parking attendants and general course maintenance support.

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