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The 2021 A4DE welcome one of our Platinum PLUS sponsors, KTM Australia.  KTM have been strong supporters of off-road motorcycling in Australia for many years and we are proud to promote the brand at the pinnacle of enduro racing.  Marketing Manager KTM Group Australia and New Zealand, Rosie Lalonde said: “We are very excited to get on board with this event.”

The READY TO RACE enduro bikes are sold at a wide range of retailers across Australia, with MY21 models arriving in-stores soon.


Every single KTM showcases the purity of the design and uncompromising function that defines the READY TO RACE mentality. Out on your bike, looking ahead, and in the zone – nothing else matters. Taking the power and performance in your own hands and unleashing it at will, without distraction. No wasted space or weight – just everything you need for the ultimate ride. This is pure optimization taken to the limit.


Central to motorcycling is performance. For this is what really gets the pulse racing every time you head off on your bike. It is the one area that can touch all your senses and truly move you. With pupils dilated, pulse elevated, and mind at its most alert – performance induces an intense hyper-reality. This is why performance is the very foundation of KTM’s READY TO RACE philosophy. For without exceptional performance, victory is just not an option.


Extreme circumstances expose weakness, highlight strength, and reveal the extraordinary. KTM’s commitment to living life to the extreme and building extreme motorcycles guarantees that every KTM ignites intense emotions and delivers pure thrills.


Enduro is a sport that lies at the heart of KTM. The word ‘Enduro’ is connected with off road races that require skill and endurance over varying terrain.

With a KTM you will be able to meet the challenges of the 2021 A4DE easily.

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